Yoga Teacher Mentorship Program

You Know This Program Is For You If...


You want to keep learning more and diving deeper after your training, you are interested in teaching from a more therapeutically oriented approach, and you want support in maintaining your own personal practice.

a mentorship & community

For Yoga Teachers Who Are Seeking…

Additional and ongoing training after a 200 or 300 hour training program

Resources to teach from a more therapeutically oriented approach

Education on adaptation of postures, safe and effective sequencing, understanding breathwork, etc

Individualized support for your personal practice and implementation of new techniques

A space to connect with a community of like minded teachers

Monthly Value of this Mentorship

Monthly Cost of this Mentorship

How Much You Save Per Month


Imagine how it would feel to have access to the following ongoing support…


1 Hour Individual Teaching Mentorship Meeting

Individual mentorship meetings will allow us to dive deep into what you’re seeing in your students, class sequences, planning, and workshop what is going on! We’ll discuss safe and effective sequencing, posture adaptation, breath work, and more.

Please note that outside of this Mentorship Program, this offering is valued $100/session.

1 Hour Yoga Practice Mentorship Meeting

This is the time to focus on yourself, your own practice, and supporting what that looks like.  It could include any and all of the following: asana (movement), pranayama (breath practices), chanting, meditation, Ayurvedic support, etc. 

Please note that outside of this Mentorship Program, this offering is valued $100/session.

1 Hour Sangha Call

This is where we gather together with other members of the mentorship group to discuss a specific topic each month.  Think of this as a miniature workshop each month!

Please note that outside of this Mentorship Program, this offering is valued $50/each.

Additional Resources & Support

Access to a private online sangha (via MeWe) where you can meet other mentees, ask each other questions, support each other through community, collaborate on new approaches, and more!

Please note that outside of this Mentorship Program, this private online Sangha is valued $25/month while the library archive of previous workshops is valued at $50.

Amberly at Amble Wellbeing has become a waypoint for my personal at-home yoga practice as well as my development as a new yoga teacher. I’ve learned so much about slowing down and finding intentionality and functionality in movement.

Kelly Smith Tremble

Amberly’s philosophy & values

To Ensure an Aligned Mentorship

Accessibility + Inclusivity

Everyone deserves to feel well in the whole sense of the word, regardless of ability, class, color, age, gender identity, sexual orientation, etc.  I strive to make my practice welcoming and inclusive to anyone and everyone.  I believe in sliding scale pricing, functional movement for your body, and trauma-aware practices that fit your needs.

Integrity + Accountability

I trust in the authenticity of the lineages of my training.  I believe in continuing education, learning from my personal practice, as well as my students, and being committed to sharing my knowledge with integrity.  This means I will only teach what I have been taught and I will say “I don’t know” when I don’t know instead of making up an answer.  Being accountable means I will do what I say I will do in a timely fashion, such as providing you with resources, homework, etc. and I will support my clients in whatever way accountability needs to look for them.

Curiosity + Self-inquiry

It’s easy to get caught up in all or nothing thinking, labeling things about ourselves as either ‘good’ or ‘bad.’ I believe in active curiosity, allowing the information our systems give us to be just that:  information.  We can use this information to build more awareness about ourselves, and with that increased awareness, practice kindness.

Practicality + Sustainability

I believe your practice should make you feel better physically, mentally, and emotionally.  If your practice is something that you don’t want to do, you will begin to resent it, and then what is the point?  Your self-care practices have to fit in with your schedule, your interests, and your evolving needs or it will become unsustainable.  I believe in supporting my clients in finding this balance.

for those who are interested

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"Amberly is a wonderful listener. She understands my issues and is very knowledgeable in addressing them. She is also very patient and kind. I can HIGHLY recommend her!"

Jill Stem

"Amberly curated a safe environment that allowed me to share any aches, pains, and limited mobility. She listened to me, asked intentional questions, and even delivered custom at home exercises I could do! 10/10 recommend 🙌🏽"

Jess Curtis

I have been seeing Amberly for awhile for different issues including preparing for and recovering from shoulder surgery. Working with her has been incredibly beneficial for both my physical and mental health. I highly recommend seeing Amberly for literally any physical or mental health related concern.

Ashley Cooper

"Amberly is amazing! She is so knowledgeable and insightful, and really helps you get better. Highly recommend."

Kelly Ellenburg