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Meet amberly

Your 1:1 Wellbeing Manifestor

I love watching my students have ‘aha!’ moments–the times where things start making sense:  how one thing in your body connects to another, how your breath and nervous system work together, how inner dialogue affects your behavior, how what you put in affects what you get out. 

This is why I love the deep work of Viniyoga and Ayurveda.  It just makes sense.  Through my personal process of healing from injury, physical pain, gut dysbiosis, and more, these practices have been my saving grace and I am passionate about sharing them with others through individualized sessions, group classes and events, offering continuing education opportunities, and as faculty in the yoga teacher training program at The Glowing Body

First, let’s start with

Amberly’s Philosophy & Values

Accessibility + Inclusivity

Everyone deserves to feel well in the whole sense of the word, regardless of ability, class, color, age, gender identity, sexual orientation, etc.  I strive to make my practice welcoming and inclusive to anyone and everyone.  I believe in sliding scale pricing, functional movement for your body, and trauma-aware practices that fit your needs.

Integrity + Accountability

I trust in the authenticity of the lineages of my training.  I believe in continuing education, learning from my personal practice, as well as my students, and being committed to sharing my knowledge with integrity.  This means I will only teach what I have been taught and I will say “I don’t know” when I don’t know instead of making up an answer.  Being accountable means I will do what I say I will do in a timely fashion, such as providing you with resources, homework, etc. and I will support my clients in whatever way accountability needs to look for them.

Practicality + Sustainability

I believe your practice should make you feel better physically, mentally, and emotionally.  If your practice is something that you don’t want to do, you will begin to resent it, and then what is the point?  Your self-care practices have to fit in with your schedule, your interests, and your evolving needs or it will become unsustainable.  I believe in supporting my clients in finding this balance.

Curiosity + Self-inquiry

It’s easy to get caught up in all or nothing thinking, labeling things about ourselves as either ‘good’ or ‘bad.’ I believe in active curiosity, allowing the information our systems give us to be just that:  information.  We can use this information to build more awareness about ourselves, and with that increased awareness, practice kindness.

to really know someone

You Get to Know Their Hobbies

In my spare time, I love to dance, rock climb, hike, kayak, and camp.  Most weekends you can find me playing in nature with my wife, experimenting with new recipes in the kitchen, or snuggling with my kitties while reading a new book. 

always seeking

Credentials & Ongoing Learning

Amberly’s Education & Training

  • In Progress | Ayurvedic Health Counselor, Joyful Belly
  • Bachelor’s of Arts, Psychology, University of TN-2011
  • Master’s of Science, Recreation Therapy, University of TN-2013
  • 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training, Yoga Landing-2016
  • Integrative Health Coach, Nickerson Institute-2020
  • 500-hour Foundations for Yoga Teaching & Therapy, American Viniyoga Institute-2022

Continuing Education Courses

  • Neurobiology of the 8 Limbs of Yoga with Subtle Yoga-2018
  • Liquid Flow with Simon Park-2018
  • Yoga + The Pelvic Floor with Jen Schappel-2018
  • Yoga, Psychology, and Trauma with Janelle Railey-2019
  • Asana Unlocked: Reframe Your Understanding, Renew Your Practice, Refresh Your Teaching with Gary Kraftsow-2020
  • Patanjali’s Yoga Sutra-s Reflection Series with Christina Gerdes-2021
  • Yoga for Bendy People: Optimizing Benefits of Yoga for Hypermobility with Libby Hinsley-2022

"Amberly is a wonderful listener. She understands my issues and is very knowledgeable in addressing them. She is also very patient and kind. I can HIGHLY recommend her!"

Jill Stem

"Amberly curated a safe environment that allowed me to share any aches, pains, and limited mobility. She listened to me, asked intentional questions, and even delivered custom at home exercises I could do! 10/10 recommend 🙌🏽"

Jess Curtis

I have been seeing Amberly for awhile for different issues including preparing for and recovering from shoulder surgery. Working with her has been incredibly beneficial for both my physical and mental health. I highly recommend seeing Amberly for literally any physical or mental health related concern.

Ashley Cooper

"Amberly is amazing! She is so knowledgeable and insightful, and really helps you get better. Highly recommend."

Kelly Ellenburg

helping your mind feel heard. so your body can feel seen. So you can find comfort.

Have Questions About My Sessions or Offerings? Great, FAQs Below!

What can I expect at the first session?

Prior to your first session, you will fill out an intake form that will provide me with some information about what your needs are. We’ll discuss what you’ve filled out and I’ll ask additional follow-up questions before moving on to a movement assessment. As we move, I’ll continue asking questions, directing your attention to specific places, and gathering additional information. You’ll leave with some practical homework to practice until we meet again!

What are the next steps after a session?

After your first session, you'll be given some 'homework' that might include anything from food, herb, or lifestyle recommendations.

Homework will always be practical for your life and schedule and can be changed and refined over time in follow up sessions.

Follow up sessions will take place more frequently when we first start working together, with an option to space them out over time.

What if I don't live in Knoxville?

That’s ok! I have virtual clients who live in various cities. Please contact me about setting up a virtual session.

How much do sessions cost?

The intake session lasts about 90 minutes and costs $120. Follow up sessions will be 60 or 90 minutes depending on client needs. 60 minute sessions are offered at a sliding scale of $70-90 and 90 minute sessions are offered at a sliding scale of $100-120.

What is a sliding scale?

A sliding scale is a tool of creating accessibility for people based on their individual circumstances and “represents the idea that financial resources, including income, are not and should not be the only determining factor in whether or not someone can access services/care/etc."

To learn more, I encourage you to read this article or reference the infographic below for help discovering where you fall on the sliding scale.

What can I expect in follow up sessions?

During follow up sessions, we will begin by checking in about how you’re feeling on that day. We will revisit your practice from previous sessions and make the appropriate adjustments for your needs. After each session, I will send you home with a copy of the practice we did together for you to refer to and revisit at home, along with any additional ‘homework.’ Each time we meet, we will refine your practice as your needs shift.

What should I wear?

Wear something comfortable that you can easily move in. You don’t have to dress up for me 🙂

What should I bring with me?

I have all the supplies that you’ll need during your session, but you are always welcome to bring any of your own supplies that you want.