Private Yoga Sessions



Private Yoga Sessions

  • Do you want to explore yoga in a way that is fully tailored to your personal needs?

  • Are you noticing instability in your body and looking for a safe way to address it?

  • Are you searching for an accessible tool for soothing your nervous system?

  • Are you struggling with chronic pain patterns in your body?

  • Are you a brand new or a long-time yoga practitioner who is ready to dive deeper?

One on one yoga sessions could be the answer!

What do you think of when you hear the word yoga?  For many people, they see an image in their mind of someone standing on their hands or in some super bendy position, and while this may be beneficial for some folks, it’s not always accessible (or functional!) for the rest of us.  Unfortunately, many brands have co-opted yoga as a marketing tool and convinced us that if we can’t stand on our hands or touch our toes that we can’t practice yoga, but this just isn’t true!

You see, the true practice of yoga is using a combination of appropriate movement, breath, sound, meditation, and more to help you feel reconnected with your true self in ways that work for you!  Maybe you need to regain some range of motion or stability in certain parts of your body.  Perhaps you are looking for some tools for soothing your nervous system or calming your mind.  We can explore all of this and more together in a private, confidential, and supportive environment.  A session could be very beneficial for a multitude of reasons:

  • Allows for an individualized experience

  • Classes are designed for your needs specifically, be they physical, mental, or emotional (or some combination of the above)

  • You have my full and complete attention to watch for safer movement & have the freedom to explore your body’s movement in an encouraging space

  • Creates space to dive deeper into yoga practices such as breathing practices (prāṇāyāma), chanting, mantra, meditation, etc.

  • Private, confidential, and supportive environment to move through any range of emotions that arise

Classes are offered in-person and virtually. These will be scheduled, live classes where we communicate directly and I plan a class with a therapeutic approach specifically for YOU and your NEEDS. Classes will be scheduled with you. To connect with me about a private session, please hit the contact button below and write ‘private yoga’ in the subject.

What to expect in a private yoga session with me:

Prior to your first session, you will fill out an intake form that will provide me with some information about what your needs are.  Please dress in comfortable clothing that you can move in and don’t worry about bringing anything else unless you want to!  During your sessions, we will begin by talking and checking in about how you’re feeling on that day then move into a practice that can incorporate movement, breathing, sound, meditation, and more depending on your needs and interests.  After each session, I will send you home with a copy of the practice we did together for you to refer to and revisit at home.  Each time we meet, we will refine your practice as your needs shift.

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