It’s SO hot! How can yoga help?


The hot hot summer weather has been with us for a while now. How have you been handling it? I find that most people either love or hate this time of year and there doesn’t seem to be any ‘in betweeners.’

No matter how you feel about it, we must all admit that the heat has an effect on us and sometimes we get out of balance and need to coooool down.

Much like this cute little pup, one of the ways we can cool ourselves off by utilizing our tongues and mouths with our breath. Now, please remember that generally speaking, we need to breathe in and out through our nostrils.

There are a ton of reasons for this and I’ll save that for another day, but please don’t misunderstand this as my endorsement for mouth breathing because I assure you, it is not 🙂

That being said, if you inhale through your mouth using a curled tongue either by rolling your tongue or using your top teeth to create the roll, then press your tongue on the roof as you exhale through your nose, you will notice a cooling sensation in your mouth, and with repetition, through the rest of your body. In addition to appropriate asana to prepare for this unique breath, you might find that your whole system cools both in temperature and in attitude.

Want to learn more about these practices and give it a shot? Come to our next Yoga + Acupuncture event, Balancing Breath + Body!

Have you ever tried this particular breath? What was it like? Tell me below in the comments!

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