Holiday Burnout | ‘Tis the season

We’re in that crazy time of year when all of the holidays, celebrations, parties, and family gatherings seem to collide and pile up.

We’re going from this event to that event and burning our candles at both ends until we just completely exhaust ourselves. We’re decorating, baking, planning, shopping, gift wrapping, and overextending ourselves to no end. But for what? What is our end goal? Why do we feel like we have to do all the things?! Maybe it’s because we want to recreate special memories. Maybe it’s so we can spread joy. Or maybe we’re caught up in the idea of making a ‘Hallmark’ moment. The important question to ask ourselves this time of year is, “am I enjoying what I’m doing or am I acting out of obligation?” And here’s the thing, sometimes that ‘obligation’ is put on us by others like friends, family members, partners, etc.; but sometimes we put it on ourselves. It is more of a perceived obligation of the things we think we have to do than a real requirement. So what can we do to avoid exhausting ourselves to no end? Well, we can practice yoga. Now, hear me out, because it might be different than what you’re thinking…

Let’s start by clarifying that when I say we practice yoga, I’m not saying we just do some movement and all of our issues will go away. Yes, our movement (or āsana) practice is important, but so is our breathing practice (prāṇāyāma), our meditation practice, and maybe the most important aspect is practicing self-inquiry. We use our yoga practices (including all of the above) to build awareness about ourselves. Then, with that new found awareness, we work on just being a little bit kinder to ourselves. That, my friends, is what yoga is all about. The thing is, when we’re caught up in the hustle and bustle of holiday season, we’re moving so quickly that we cannot even hear ourselves. 

We can’t be kinder because we don’t even know what we do or don’t need. Y’all we have got to sloooooow down to know what we can say ‘yes’ to and what we need to say ‘no’ to. Now, do I expect everyone to just dramatically change their holiday commitments? No! What I would love is for you to find easy ways in your life/schedule for some slowness, stillness, and quiet. Some time with YOU.

I think we tend to forget that we too are part of nature. We too are supposed to be slowing down this time of year. We too are supposed to be resting more right now. So, let’s try to do it!

Create space for yourself to rest, and if that’s hard for you to do on your own, find a way to make yourself do it, like joining me for my upcoming Holiday Reconnection Event. We’ll do some gentle movement, some calming breathwork, and then…rest. Oh, and it’s by candlelight. I’d love to see you there!

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