Whoa! A Blog?!

That’s right. I’m starting a blog. Can you believe it?


Well buckle up…

For those of you who follow me on social media, you might have noticed that I’ve taken a big step back. I’ve never been a big social media person for a multitude of reasons and didn’t have any accounts for many years, but when I started teaching yoga in 2016, I felt like I needed to prioritize them for business purposes. I created accounts and began posting often. While my engagement with the ‘gram has waxed and waned over the years since then, when I decided to quit my full-time job and pursue my yoga side hustle more seriously in 2020, I yet again felt the need to maintain a heavier social media presence.

I found myself checking incessantly, to the point that it became so habitual that each time I picked up my phone, I was clicking on those apps and after several minutes of scrolling, forgetting why I even picked my phone up to begin with.

I felt guilt about not posting more about my yoga business and struggled with feelings of being inadequate about not sharing my practice.

I could never come up with material I wanted to post and constantly felt like it was hanging over my head as something I HAD to do. After the deep dive into yoga that I’d been doing for the past couple of years of intensive training, I no longer wanted to post pictures of myself doing postures (āsana).

The countless ‘yoga challenges’ on social media felt meaningless to me when such a huge part of my practice was about going within, using āsana to reduce discomfort in my body, using breathing practices (prāṇāyāma) to calm my mind and soothe my nervous system, using meditation to connect more deeply with my true self. I was in sweatpants with greasy hair. I was crying on the floor. I was laughing as I held myself.

I was doing the not so pretty, often challenging, deep work of the practice.

How could I possibly share this in a ‘social media appropriate’ way?

My phone was no where around when I was practicing, but then I started feeling so much pressure to document something…anything…just to share and be relevant online.

It felt insincere, and honestly, is insincere guilt posting going to actually bring me new clients? I doubt it. I want a space to share what I’m truly passionate about…to engage with current, old, and new students and colleagues. And so, this blog was born. A place for me to dive deep into those topics. A place where I have space to share more in depth than a small tile will allow. And a place that I don’t beat myself up about or find myself in the trappings of comparison.

In coming blog posts, you can expect information on all of the subjects that I nerd out on, like why our breath is so important and how to use it in a way that works for you, what causes back pain and how we can use yoga asana to create stability + space, the importance of the musculature of our feet + how the shoes we wear affect our whole body, what are the cakra-s really (you may have seen ‘chakra’), and much much more. I look forward to sharing this new journey of blog writing with you all and am excited for the discussions and opportunities for learning that will arise.

Until next time, Śubham Astu (May all good things happen)!

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